Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reeder Reunion 2009

We got back today from Bryant's side of the family reunion. One of the activities
was to make our own rock family. Well I decided that I was not
going to make my little rock family, so I made one of the six
brothers (the rocks that have eyes are the brothers'). The rocks
that don't have eyes are all the children & grandchildren
(think of it as 2 generations). I also made a fire pit and added
gravel for the dirty. My niece Lasandra was nice and made the
picnic table. Everyone thought it was great.
On the 1st day we
were there, we was visited by this moose. All the kids and we
adults thought it cool that he came to visit. Yesterday We did
not see him, but as we were cleaning up today He came back to
visit. He is still a young one.


Bradley + Lisa said...

Sounds like good times. I love your rock family. :) And how cool that you got to see a moose!

Lynners said...

Cute, cute! I had the best time! Thanks for all the fun.