Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CecilReederScott Camping Part 1 South Fork Area

Grandparents, Mom, & Tayler
This is one of the only three pictures I got of Tayler.
This day Bryant cooked a roast, cheezy tatos, &
carrot in the dutch ovens.


Robin & Dan

Hanna & Sarah
July 21-23, 2009 Robin, Dan & family plus mom
camped at South Fork Area. July 23 My kids & I
joined them. Later that evening Bryant joined us.
Poor Guy had to work that night. July 24 Andra &
Michael joined us. We as a whole stayed until Sunday
July 26th. We enjoyed the time together.


Bradley + Lisa said...

Mmmmm... I miss me some Dutch oven goodness. We don't have that here.

Katie Lee said...

looks like so much fun!!! I love camping with family... what's up with no anderson reuinions or get togethers the past little while? that needs to be remedied! (Booya to fun scrapbooking weekends!) Miss you guys and love you!