Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well for the few that knew About Bryant's leg, NO surgery. HURRAY!!!!
For the ones that don't know. February 2nd Bryant ask me to look at his leg. I won't say what area of the leg it was. I looked at the area he said hurt, there was a bump the size of a quarter. So I looked at it closer and thought it might be a zit. I tried to see if I could pop it. That didn't work. So the next day after he got out of the shower, I looked at it again and it still was hurting. So I told him that he may want to go to the doctor and see what he said about it. He waited out Monday and the pain was bad. Tuesday morning, I took him to Bryant to the doctor. Well the doctor looked at it and gave Bryant some medicine to see if that would help take the pain away. Well that evening Bryant calls me from work and asked if I would pick him up from work. We get home and he get into lounge clothes, but not before I look at his leg. WOW, there was a red area about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide on his leg. To give you a visual, it likes like he rubbed sandpaper in his leg. so Wed morning He called me as I was leave Liz's school, saying he has to go back to the doctors office. We go and the doctor pierces the bump to see if that will drain. Bryant gets a shot and is asked to come back in the morning. We go back Thursday and Friday , too. He was asked to go back on Saturday, but Bryant decided to see how he felt Monday and go from there. Well during the Wednesday-Fridays visits the doctor has his nurse outline the redness to see how more it spreads. So Friday they were all joking that Bryant has a geographic map on his leg.
So late week the doc decide to have Bryant go see a surgeon. well Today He had an appointment to meet with a surgeon. He came in and looked at Bryant's leg and said that it doesn't feel that bad and that if Bryant wanted to just finish the second run of antibiotics, that there is no need for surgery. Bryant is happy.


Monica said...

i hope he feels better soon. i am glad he does not need surgery. keep us updated

Bradley + Lisa said...

Wow, that is crazy! Hope he feels better soon.

The Bunnell Fam said...

I am glad too that he doesn't need surgery! Keep us all updated!:)

hanna terrill said...

Yeah!! I am so happy for you, and HIM. I'm sure he was relieved. I hope it heals quickly!