Monday, February 23, 2009

February 21, 2009

Saturday at NOON
Mark A. Cecil had his baptism. He looked so handsome
in his white suit.
I love you Mark.
Grandpa helped make this day happen. For Grandpa did the baptizing. We love you Grandpa and Grandma.

Back row left to right: Matt, Kevin (groom), Ryan, Bryant
Front row left to right: Gage (ring bearer), Brother of the Bride, Eric.
left to right: Sister of the bride, friend of the bride, Bride Kat, friend of bride, Marisa.
All the Nieces of Kevin and Kat.
Kevin and Kat with photographer.
Saturday Kevin (bro-in-law) was married to Kat (now sis-in-law).


Lynners said...

It looks like Kevin and Kat had a beautiful day! I so wanted to be there! Kat is gorgeous.

Russ and Amanda's reception was beautiful too, but dang I wish they wouldn't have been on the same day!!!!!!!!

The Reeder Raiders said...

Me, too. I wanted to go Congratulate Russ and Amanda, too. I was stuck at the reception all night and the drive to Logan with my kids would of been heck.

Katie Lee said...

congrats mark. What an amazing experience it is to get baptized. we are so proud of you!

CatherineCW said...

Thanks for having the pictures here. Great looking young man. I'm glad he had help from Grandpa. I had a lot of help while my kids were growing up. The wedding also looks beautiful.