Friday, July 4, 2008

Roy Aquatic Water Park

July 3, 2008
Thank you Mom,
Aunt Sharon & Uncle Bruce
The Kids had a blast.

Aunt Sharon &
Uncle Bruce did have
Amber's girls. Jordon
& Taylor.Sorry no
pictures of them.

Mom watching the
kids play in the water.

Bruce & Kim came with
their two youngest ones.
WOW how time flies.

Monica & Chris & their Family.
I am sorry I didn't get pictures
of the two boys. They were off

Last of the pictures
are of my three loving
the water.

Here is Hanna
in her glamorous

When it was time
to go they were upset.
They wanted to play.


Hanna Terrill said...

A swimming pool sounds so good right now. I have been swimming with my kids in the back yard, and they just don't make the pools big enough for prego woman!

Bradley & Lisa said...

That looks very refreshing. I've been to that park-- it's way fun!