Monday, July 14, 2008

New Member

I would like to introduce to all of you Bloggers, our newest member.

Monday July 7th, we were getting ready to go to my brother-in-law's and sister-in-law's house for cake and ice cream for their daughter's b-day. I was outside with the kids and I heard a faint meowing. So we looked around to find out where the sound came from. So we looked to the roof of the house in front of ours. Where was a kitten up there. Didn't think about it until we got home to find that the kitten was still there. So Nick and Bryant got the kitten off the roof. We brought her into our home for the night. Well the next day the kids went to the front house to see if the owner of the cat was home, there was no answer. So I called the landlord to ask if she knew where the person was and she didn't know.
Well three days later she called and told me that the person wasn't coming back. So that is how we gained a new member to our family.


Lynners said...

What a cutie! Is she named after the warrior princess?

Bradley & Lisa said...

That is a CUTE kitty! I've always wanted a black one. We found our younger cat, Jinxy, the same way-- he was just wandering around the neighborhood all little and helpless.