Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Other Side of My Family

This is of Nikki & Evan.
This picture was taken yesterday.
Pictures of my other side family.
This pictures is of Chris(third child of Don) and Evan (Nikki's son as a baby)
This one is of Ryan (youngest child of Don).
Thank You to Ryan for sending the pictures to me today.
He took them while Berta is there.
Here is my other handsome Grandfather.
Three or four weeks ago his suffered a minor stroke.
He still has minor use of his left hand. I got to talk to him & grandma today
on the phone. Thank you Berta. He is recovering well and is able to drive.
Here Is Nikki (first child of Don's) & her little family.
Her son is now 3 yrs old.
They will be expecting their second child in February.
This picture was taken today.
From left to right. Noelle (2nd child of Don), Matt (Noelle's B-friend),
Uncle Don, Grandma, & Berta.
Again Thank You Ryan for the pictures.
I love that I found my other side of my family. I can now keep in
touch with three of my four cousins. They are great about updating my sisters & I on everyone in Ohio. I LOVE THE INTERNET!!!

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Bradley + Lisa said...

Yaaay, internet! I would have to agree. Such a great way to find and keep in touch with people.