Saturday, May 30, 2009

We have fathers that will be there when we get hurt.
We have fathers who will take the time out of their "Days Off" to enjoy the holidays with us. Fathers who become fathers before they get married and take the responsibilities of children who are not their blood. Who are teaching the children right from wrong. Thanx to you. It takes a good guy. To the fathers who are willing to take the responsibility of their unborn children and marry the woman. Thanx to you.

Now I am going to be sappy and jump in before my other family members do and say, 'THANK YOU TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR US!!!!!!" We Love You.


The Coonsters said...

Thanks for that message. I to am thankful to an earthly father who taught me many thing. I am also grateful to a Father in Heaven who teaches me constantly, and is always there for me. Thanks to all the FATHERS...HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!

Lynners said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for the sentimentality!!

Bradley + Lisa said...

Dads are pretty cool indeed. :)