Friday, January 30, 2009


Well all i want you to know that ER visits suck, but when you find yourself in pain for for a lease 2 hours, I think at that time you better go. Well that is what happen to me at 2 o'clock Thursday morning. I ate dinner at my mom-in-law's home Wednesday evening. We had pizza for dinner and homemade brownies for desert. It all sat like a rock in my stomach. I don't know why it was so heavy, I didn't over eat. So we get home from mom's house, watched TV and then went to bed. Well around two I woke up with very bad pain in my left side. so I got up and walked the house a for little while and sat down to watch TV, to distract me from my pain. I dose off for short periods of time. By 4:30-5:00 I could not take the pain anymore so I woke up Hubby.
I asked he to take me to the ER. I am sorry that we had to go, but I couldn't wait for 9 am for the instant care to open. I am glad that I finally found out why I when I would eat at time why the food was heavy in my stomach. I have Gallstones. OUCH!!!! Now here is a shocker, I, Lori, has to eat food low in fat and in small amounts. I LOVE my fatty foods. When I got home from the ER I ate a small bowl of cereal and My Kids got to stay home from school, they liked that. I am also sorry that this caused Nick and Liz to break their perfect attendance at school, but what can you do, plan for it. If things like that can be planned it would have been. I will keep you all posted when we decide for me to go in and have my gallbladder removed. That is the only way for me to feel better and get back to eating foods I like.
Also it came at a bad time in my life. I quit my job. They were cutting my hours and would have just stopped put me on the schedule without telling me why. When I saw the hours I would have had this week I decided it was time to leave Chick-fil-a for good. I did ask why and they said that my performance was slipping. It is sad that they didn't let me know that I was slipping sooner. I would have worked harder on bringing up my performance. Also It would of helped if the General Manager didn't talk to his crew as if they were scum on his shoe. That kind of managing is wrong. As Manager you need to talk to your crew as a person and not like they are stupid. I can go on about it, but I will stop there. I don't want to bore all of you.
Love you all.


The Bunnell Fam said...

I am sorry to hear that! We will be sure to keep you in our prayers.

Bradley + Lisa said...

Dang, that sucks about the gallstones. I hope you get feeling better!! Sorry about your job, too. Maybe you will find something better soon.

Monica said...

oh Lori i am sorry that stinks!! you and your family will be in my prayers.
Love ya

dragonlady66 said...

Lori thats to bad but when a door closes there is a window open same place.Gallstone pain is bad are thay taking it out.
luf ya
Aunt Sharon

So Blessed said...

You will feel so much better when it comes out. I had mine out in 2006. Ahhhhh is all I have to say.