Sunday, November 2, 2008


Here are some cloud pictures I took on the way up to the Terrace.
Gage, Hanna & Emma
Nick, he is in part of his costume. He was a HOBO.
Elizabeth is grim reaper
Here is the family that was at Matt & Marisa home that night. Uncle Bob Reeder, Kat, Shane, Nicole, Chalie (friend of Nicole), Kevin, Noah, & Nick.
Close up of Nikki. Friend Chalie is behind her.
Here is Marisa Fireplace. She loves Halloween. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marisa.
Aunt Trish & Chalie with their natural looks on. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Chalie's first Halloween. He Loved it.
Here are all the kids with their Grandmothers.
THANK YOU Matt & Marisa for having us at your home. Hope everyone had a fun and safe HALLOWEEN, WITH TONS OF CANDY.


Bradley + Lisa said...

Great costumes, and I love the pictures of the clouds!

Lynners said...

What a fun party! Such cute costumes!

Becca said...

My favorite picture is of Hanna in the princess dress with her mouth stuffed with candy. Priceless!