Monday, September 1, 2008

Names of Schools

Here is Nick in front of his Jr high.

Liz in front of her School.

Hanna is walking down the hall of her School.

Bryant & I are proud to have all the kids in school.
So far they are liking it.
Surprised that Nick is look forward to go to school every day.
I hope his liking school is still strong as the year goes on.


The Bunnell Fam said...

Your kids have gotten so big! I can't believe it! I am glad they are liking school!

Lynners said...

They're sure cute kids! Good job you two.

Bradley + Lisa said...

Yaay for school! Hope it continues to go well for them.

Hanna Terrill said...

They are beautiful!! It is crazy how fast time flies. It makes me want to soak up every moment! I loved the sunflower pictures,she is a heartbreaker! I guess she takes after her name sake, haha!!