Thursday, May 15, 2008

BLAST FROM PAST............

BLAST from the PAST!!!!!!
Look at the word on the building

This building is where the Quilted Bear will be come summer this year.

The dollar tree was until march 2008. They relocated south of Riverdale's Wal-mart. Don't remember when it came to the mall. I saw this about a month ago as I was heading into the mall for work. I had to call Bryant and tell him about it. As I walked to the dock doors to the left of it, memories of what was inside the Woolworth's store came back. WOW I am old. That's ok, I still remember that the lionel toy door to the outside was about where the enterance to the mall from Dillard's is now. I won't go on about where others stores were in the mall I remember.

Just thought that this would be funny to post. I want stories about the area before the mall and after it was built. I want HISTORY!!!!!!!!!! Okay, sorry for yellling. :) Love It!!!


DEBI said...

No you are not old, that would make me old.... love ya

B said...

There was nothing there before the mall. Don't you know that without a mall, there can be nothing.
I remember that area when the Ogden A's used to play in the ball park close to there.